About Us

Houman is the founder of Siamor Construction Group, a licensed construction company specializing in remodels and high end residential developments.  Houman specializes in providing remodeling and development cost analysis, financial budgeting, and property profile evaluations, making the property purchase evaluation process very seamless and easy. His expertise and focus is on providing the best service and support for his clients, whether it’s for a first time home-buyer, an experienced developer or an expert.

 P  arsua, a financial industry veteran, founded Lotus Griffin in 2009, a Los Angeles based boutique real estate firm specializing in real estate sales and development. Growing up in Southern California and being a local Beverly Hills resident since 1998, Parsua has a deep understanding and knowledge of the local real estate market. Adding to that,  her years of experience in the financial, construction and design industries, she can provide a unique range of services and expertise through Lotus Griffin.